Monthly Newsletter

What’s in the Newsletter:

  • NEWSLETTER MAP: This is a data-driven illustration and analysis on a variety of topics showing the impact on California counties and the CSU, Chico service region in particular.

  • OUR REGION AT GLANCE: We analyze any recently released data by any local, county, or state government agencies as well as specific nonprofit organizations.

  • WORKSHOPS: We will let our subcribers know of any low cost and FREE workshops related  to small businesses and technical assistance topics.

  • HIGHLIGHT: We showcase news and events from organizations or businesses in our region.

  • EDUCATION: We analyze relevant economic issues and explain how it will impact CA, our region, and individuals. 

  • CED NEWS UPDATE: We inform our subscribers of all CED news, events, and publications. The Annual North State Economic Forecast Conference and County Profiles are examples.

Annual Economic Scorecard

The Economic Scorecard provides regional business and community leaders with timely information on the overall health of our regional economy as it relates to other regions in California and throughout the West. 

While other reports may measure one small aspect of the regional economy, our Economic Scorecard provides a comprehensive look at innovation, entrepreneurship, human capital, and the overall economic health of the North Valley. 

Other reports provide no comparative information on other, similar regional economies, nor do they explore how their performance compares to our own.

Our Regional Economic Scorecard addresses both of these needs.

Annual County Economic and Demographic Profiles

For nearly three decades, the Center for Economic Development has compiled the most accurate and up-to-date economic and demographic information relevant to your county into one easy-to-understand document. Watch for our 2018 County profiles coming soon!