Applied Research Services

CED offers a wide range of applied research services designed to help you understand trends, conditions, needs, and opportunities within your community or neighborhood.  We access the most recent reliable information at the appropriate geographical scale so you can be sure our conclusions represent actual needs in your area of interest. Specific products we offer include:

Economic Impact Analysis

Understanding the economic impact of a business, potential project, or events is vital for community and business leaders to better allocate scarce resources. The purpose of an economic impact report is to effectively report the dollar value, benefits or costs associated with an particular project. These studies also measure changes in business revenue, business profits, personal wages, and jobs. Past CED clients requesting this type of analysis include hospitals, business owners, developers, and local municipalities making policy decisions.


You will understand the impact of a project, policy, or investment to your organization's bottom line and justify your organization's worth in your community by comparing the economic benefits of a project.

Feasibility/Demand Studies

These are assessments of the practicality of a proposed plan or method. The CED works with businesses and other entities to provide them with information on their proposed projects or developments to determine whether they will be economically feasible or not.

Statistical/ County Profiles


Originally published in 1990 as a one-page county economic and demographic summary, the profiles have grown to include more than 50 of the most important local indicators, consolidated into a user-friendly document under 100 pages. This comprehensive collection of reliable data about your community, county, or region can be used for grant writing, business planning, marketing, and community planning efforts.


  • Past users of the profile have found that much of the data found in the document can be time consuming for their organization to collect, and often times they are surprised and impressed with the detail of the data that is available. 

  • These profiles are not just for show - they will pay for themselves after just a few uses as the data inside is used for anything from a report to a grant application.

  •  Much of the data is very time consuming to collect, and the staff time saved alone is generally worth the purchase price.

  • Often times, small business owners are unaware of what data is available or how to obtain it. As city/county leaders and economic developers, its imperative to help small businesses in our region access as much information as possible, so they can make more informed decisions and better allocate scarce resources. 

If a piece of data is needed and cannot be found within the pages of the profile, the experienced research staff at the CED will be happy to assist you with collection of any quickly - obtainable data, free of charge to any profile sponsor. View More Benefits and Pricing.

Statistical Secondary Data Requests

The data experts at CED are more than happy to help you find data that can be obtained in a timely manner for FREE. Often, we can guide you in obtaining more time consuming data. No contracts to sign, just people who intimately know the areas that you are working in and the data you need.

Asset Inventory

Clearly chart your community's development path (economic, social, educational, etc.). Evaluate the effectiveness of your program or service in your community over time using empirical data. Show public officials what you want to improve in your community. Also, show people which aspects of your community are improving, and which are worsening.

Survey Dissemination and Analysis

The CED staff is experienced in designing and conducting surveys over-the-phone, in-person, mail, electronic, or any combination of these. We will review and digitize the responses of all surveys received. We will then produce descriptive statistics and recommendations based on the results.

Community Need Statements for Grant Applications

Show need for your services in your community. We will determine your service area, collect data, and write your community need statement using your funder’s grant guidelines.

Benefits: You will increase your chances for funding through competitive applications.

Retail Leakage Analyses

Understand how much your community is losing because of a lack of retail activity. See which types of retail businesses might be successful in your retail complex. Demonstrate which retail industries are capturing sales from outside of your community. Discover the extent of your community's retail market area. Find out how much retail you will need to serve expected residential development.